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L’zeez Halal Food Ltd. was founded as a retail store in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada to fill the growing community’s local needs. The aim was to offer quality halal food that was reasonably priced without sacrificing service and quality. We delved into importing halal food items from outside Canada and this was the beginning of an endless journey to expand L’zeez Halal Food Ltd. to other locations and into the import and export business. The local needs and demands led to our first initiative to import Basmati rice from Pakistan. The first shipment came to Vancouver and the second shipment went to Toronto, Canada. Then came the export of halal poultry, meat and processed chicken to Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries. Exemplary customer service and fair pricing are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. We are here to serve our valued customers, and offer the quality and service that we would want for ourselves and our families. With the main focus on pulses, grains, halal meat and poultry, we work closely with our partners in Canada, United States, Mexico, China, UAE (serving middle eastern countries), Central Asian countries, Argentina, India, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, Ukraine, Columbia, Thailand and Ethiopia. With our growing capacity, we are committed to building strong partnership across the globe and serve our customers. We are committed to continually thrive and expand our business and work collaboratively and professionally with our partners, customers and suppliers.

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